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  • Papers, book chapters and review
The amorphous state (book chapter)
S. Petit, G. Coquerel
in "Polymorphism - In the Pharmaceutical Industry" (chap. 10), Ed. R. Hilfiker, Wiley VCH, Weinheim, 2006, 259-285.
Mechanism of several Solid-Solid Transformations between Dihydrated and Anhydrous Copper (II) 8-Hydroxyquinolinolates. Proposition for a Unified Model for the Dehydration of Molecular Crystals
S. Petit, G. Coquerel
Chem. Mater., 1996, 8, 2247-2258
Oscillating Crystallization in Solution between (+) and (-) 5-Ethyl-5-methylhydantoin under the Influence of Stirring
C. Gervais, S. Beilles, P. Cardinaël, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
J. Phys. Chem. B, 2002, 106 (3), 646-652
Chiral discrimination in host-guest supramolecular complexes. Understanding enantioselectivity and solid solution behaviors by using spectroscopic methods and chemical sensors
A. Grandeury, E. Condamine, L. Hilfert, G. Gouhier, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
J. Phys. Chem. B, 2007, 111, 7017-7026
Influence of ageing, grinding and preheating on the thermal behaviour of a-lactose monohydrate
S. Garnier, S. Petit, F. Mallet, M.-N. Petit, D. Lemarchand, S. Coste, J. Lefebvre,
G. Coquerel
Int. J. Pharm., 2008, 361, 131-140
Crystal structures, dehydration mechanism and chiral discrimination in the solid state of a hydantoin derivative
Y. Amharar, S. Petit, M. Sanselme, Y. Cartigny, M.-N. Petit, G. Coquerel
Cryst. Growth Des., 2011, 11 (6), 2453-2462
Impact of gas composition in the mother liquor on the formation of macroscopic inclusions and crystal growth rates. Case study with Ciclopirox crystals
A Waldschmidt, N. Couvrat, B. Berton, V. Dupray, S. Morin, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
Cryst. Growth Des., 2011, 11 (6), 2463-2470
Impact of Molecular Flexibility on Double Polymorphism, Solid Solutions and Chiral Discrimination during Crystallization of Diprophylline Enantiomers
C. Brandel, Y. Amharar, J. M. Rollinger, U. J. Griesser, Y. Cartigny, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
Mol. Pharm., 2013, 10 (10), 3850-3861
Mechanisms of Reversible Phase Transitions in Molecular Crystals: Case of Ciclopirox
C. Brandel, Y. Cartigny, N. Couvrat, M. E. S. Eusebio, J. Canotilho, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
Chem. Mater. 2015, 27, 6360-6373
Structural Aspects of Solid Solutions of Enantiomers     (review)
C. Brandel, S. Petit, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel
Curr. Pharm. Des., 2016, 22, 4929-4941
Symposium Participation
    • Influence de la pureté sur la cristallisation depuis l’état amorphe d’une molécule chirale
      Q. Viel, C. Brandel, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel, E. Dargent, S. Petit
      Colloque Francophone de Cristallisation et de Précipitation Industrielles (CRISTAL-8), Rouen, Mai 2016, Abstract book, p. 82 (Poster)
    • Incidence of confinement in the crystallization route from the amorphous state of a chiral molecule
Q. Viel, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel, E. Dargent, S. Petit,
41èmes JEEP (Conference on Phase Equilibria), Coimbra, Mars 2015, Abstract book, p. 113 (Poster)
  • Impact of molecular flexibility on the nucleation behaviour of Diprophylline enantiomers
    C. Brandel, Q. Viel, Y. Cartigny, J. ter Horst, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
    Faraday Discussion (Nucleation – a transition state to the directed assembly of materials), Leeds (UK), Mars-April 2015 (Poster)
  • Molecular Mobility vs Polymorphism of Chiral Pharmaceutical Compounds: Case of Diprophylline
    Q. Viel, C. Brandel, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel, E. Dargent, S. Petit
    PolyChar 23, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA), May 2015, Abstract book, p. 52 (Oral)
  • Influence of sample covering on the polymorphic and solid-solid transitions of a chiral molecule: Diprophylline
    Q. Viel, Y. Cartigny, G. Gbabode, G. Coquerel, J. Canotilho, M.E.S. Eusébio, E. Dargent, S. Petit
    BIWIC (22nd International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization), Hanbat Nat. Univ., Daejon (Corée du Sud), September 2015, Abstract book, p. 247-254 (Poster)
  • The Crystallization behavior of a Solid Solution between two enantiomers of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient : Diprophylline
    C. Brandel, Y. Cartigny, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
    XXXX èmes JEEP (Joint European days on Equilibrium between Phases), Lyon, Mars 2014, Abstract book, p. 66 (Poster)
  • Molecular mechanisms of subambient solid-solid phase transitions in Ciclopirox crystals
    C. Brandel, Y. Cartigny, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
    JCAT (Journées de Calorimétrie et d’Analyse Thermique), Rouen, Mai 2014, Abstract book, p. P7 (Poster)
  • Crystallization behavior of an ionic liquid as a function of kinetics: from oiling out to polymorphism
    S. Petit, C. Brandel, G. Gbabode, G. Gouhier, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel
    CECAM-USI Workshop: Molecular simulations of crystallization from solution, Lugano (CH), Mai 2014, Abstract book, p. 20 (Poster)
  • Incidence of Kinetic Parameters on the Crystallization Behavior and on Macrocrystalline Features of an Original Ionic Liquid
    C. Brandel,Y. Cartigny, G. Gbabode,C. Martin, G. Gouhier, S. Petit, G. Coquerel
    CGOM-11 (Crystal Growth of Organic Molecules), Kyoto (Japan), June 2014, Abstract book, p. PC-08 (Poster)
About fluid inclusions and morphological transitions in organic and ionic crystals
S. Petit, C. Brandel, A. Waldschmidt, G. Gouhier, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel
ISIC-19 (International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization), Toulouse, September 2014, Abstract book, p. 60-61 (Oral)
Scientific Skills
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Implementation
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Interpretation
XRay Powder diffraction - user
Molecular Modeling (indicate level of theory)
Microscopy (optical, electronic)
Chiral Resolution by Crystallization
Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction
Crystallography (structural description)
Solution Crystallization (polymorphism control, crystal engineering, salt, co-crystals)
Crystal Structure Resolution by XRPD