Associate Professor

39 y.o.

02 35 52 24 29

Laboratoire SMS
Place Emile Blondel
76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan CEDEX


  • Education (Licence – Master)

July 2005       DOCTORAT en PHYSIQUE spécialité Lasers et Matière Dense

PhD in Physics speciality Materials Physics and Lasers, University Bordeaux I (France)

June 2001     D.E.A. Lasers et Matière dense (Mention Bien)

Equivalent to a Master Degree in Materials Physics and Lasers, University Bordeaux I (France)

June 1999     LICENCE de PHYSIQUE

French equivalent to a Bachelor of Physics, University Bordeaux I (France)

July 1995       BACCALAUREAT Série Scientifique (Option Maths)

Equivalent to an A level specialised in Science

Work Experience
September 2012-present : Associate Professor in Materials Chemistry at the “Sciences et Méthodes Séparatives (SMS)” Laboratory, Rouen Normandie University.
Teaching activities encompass solid state chemistry (inorganic chemistry, heterogeneous equilibria, crystallography) for bachelor students and advanced solid state physical chemistry (polymorphism, phase diagram and X-ray diffraction).
Research activities are focused on the study of polymorphism of organic materials in different media (variable temperature, host-guest assemblies, thin films).
August 2007-July 2012 : Research scientist at Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry, Université Libre de Bruxelles.
Main research project: Study and control of the supramolecular organisation of p-conjugated organic compounds in thin films for applications in electronics/opto-electronics (Solar cells, field-effect transistors, light-emitting diodes).
September 2006-June 2007 : Teaching in Physics and Chemistry for undergraduate students, via the private tuition association Acadomia (Indre-et-Loire, France).
September 2005-September 2006 : Engineer-Researcher at CEA Le Ripault, Monts, France (Military Applications Department).
Main research project: Structural characterization of organic compounds crystallized at low temperature.
September 2001-July 2005 : Thesis of Doctorate. "Study of the Polymorphism and the Solid State Miscibility in the series of Saturated Fatty Acids" performed at the C.P.M.O.H laboratory (now L.O.M.A. Laboratory), University Bordeaux I.
The thesis defence occurred on July 21st, 2005 at University Bordeaux I
October 2001-August 2005 : Teaching given during the Thesis at University Bordeaux I (63 hours of Directed Studies and 345 hours of Practical Studies given in electronics, mechanics, optics and data processing for undergraduate students).

1. G. Baaklini, G. Gbabode, S. Clevers, P. Négrier, D. Mondieig, G. Coquerel, Trimorphism of N-methylurea: crystal structures, phase transitions and thermodynamic stabilities. CrystEngComm. 2016, 18, 4772-4778.

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9. G. Gbabode, P. Négrier, D. Mondieig, E. Moreno Calvo, T. Calvet, M. A. Cuevas-Diarte, Structures of the high-temperature solid phases of odd-numbered fatty acids from Tridecanoic acid to Tricosanoic acid Chem. Eur. J. 2007, 13, 3150-3159.

10. E. Moreno, R. Cordobilla, T. Calvet, M. A. Cuevas-Diarte, G. Gbabode, P. Négrier, D. Mondieig, H. A. J. Oonk, Polymorphism of even saturated carboxylic acids from n-decanoic to n-eicosanoic acid New. J. Chem. 2007, 31, 947-957.

Symposium Participation

Oral communications

1. "Directional crystallization of poly (ethylene oxide)"

G. Gbabode, Solvay Workshop on Directional Nucleation and Growth of Molecular Crystals, Brussels, Belgium (November, 26th-28th, 2014).

2. "Mise en evidence de phases induites par le substrat pour des mésogènes π-conjugués"

G. Gbabode, O. Werzer, A. Moser, R. Resel, Y. H. Geerts, J. de Silva, M. Sferrazza Colloque de l’Association Française de Cristallographie, Bordeaux, France (July, 2nd-5th, 2013).

3. "Revealing the presence of substrate-induced phases for π-conjugated mesogens"

G. Gbabode, O. Werzer, A. Moser, R. Resel, Y. H. Geerts, J. de Silva, M. Sferrazza 14th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films (ICOMF14), Paris, France (July, 10th-13th, 2012).

4. "Directional crystallization of Polyethylene Oxide thin films induced by a thermal gradient"

M. Delvaux, G. Schweicher, J. W. Andreasen, G. Gbabode, Y. H. Geerts, BPG10-Annual meeting of the Belgian Polymer Group, Blankenberge, Belgium (May, 25th-26th, 2010).

5. "Effects of the thickness on the alignment of discotic liquid crystals"

G. Gbabode, G. Schweicher, F. Quist, O. Debever, Y. H. Geerts, S. Sergeyev, Interuniversity Attraction Poles annual meeting, Leuven, Belgium (December, 14th-15th, 2009).

Poster communications

1. "Identification and structural characterization of new polymorphs of N-methylurea"

G. Baaklini, S. Clevers, G. Gbabode, P. Negrier, D. Mondieig, Y. Geerts, G. Coquerel, Colloque de l’Association Française de Cristallographie, Marseille, France (July, 2nd-5th, 2016).

2. "Structural characterization of a [1]benzothieno[3,2-b]benzothiophene (BTBT) derivative in bulk and thin films"

G. Gbabode, A. Blangenois, P. Negrier, D. Mondieig, G. Coquerel, Y. Geerts, M. Sferrazza, 29th European Crystallography Meeting, Rovinj, Croatia (August, 23rd-28th, 2015).

3. "Polymorphism characterization of a π-conjugated molecule for applications in organic electronics"

A. Blangenois, G. Gbabode, P. Negrier, D. Mondieig, G. Coquerel, XLemes Journées d’Etudes d’Equilibres entre Phases, Lyon, France (March, 26th-28th, 2014).

4. "Substrate-induced Crystal Plastic Phase of a Discotic Liquid Crystal"

G. Gbabode, N. Dumont, Y. H. Geerts, Interuniversity Attraction Poles annual meeting, Leuven, Belgium (November, 21st-22nd, 2011).

5. "Directional crystallization of Polyethylene Oxide thin films induced by a thermal gradient"

M. Delvaux, G. Schweicher, J. W. Andreasen, G. Gbabode, Y. H. Geerts, Gordon Research Conferences on Crystal Engineering, Waterville Valley, NH, USA (June, 6th-11th, 2010).

Scientific Skills
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Implementation
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Interpretation
XRay Powder diffraction - user
Molecular Modeling (indicate level of theory)
Phase Diagram - Experimental Determination
Heterogeneous Equilibria
Microscopy (optical, electronic)
Crystallography (structural description)
Solution Crystallization (polymorphism control, crystal engineering, salt, co-crystals)
Crystal Structure Resolution by XRPD
Spectroscopy (Raman, Infra-rouge, UV-vis, fluorescence)
Thin films (drop casting, spin-coating)
Surface Analysis AFM
Advanced X-ray powder diffraction measurements