PhD Student

7 dec 1993

02 76 51 04 70

Laboratoire SMS
Place Emile Blondel
76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan CEDEX


PhD Thesis

Aging characterization of lipid based enriched food matrix. Evolution study of their textural properties. Supervisor : Gérard Coquerel, type of funding : CIFRE (Nutriset company), (previsional) date of defense : 10/2020


2014-2016 Master Degree (Materials Science) – University of Rouen

2011-2014 Bachelor Degree (Physics, Mechanics and Engineering Science) – University of Rouen

Work Experience
  • Research officer at Nutriset (January to September 2017)
  • Master trainee (2016) in Nutriset (6 months)
  • Master trainee ERASMUS (2015) in KTH (Stockholm) (3 months)
  • Master trainee (2015-2016) in EIRCAP (5 months)
  • Remedial teaching to a class of L1 Physics-Data Processing (University of Rouen) Optic and Mechanic (4 séances de 1h en 2014)
  • Bachelor trainee (2014) in GPM (2 months)

Q. Wu, J. Rabu, K. Goulin, C. Sainlaud, F. Chen, E. Johansson, R.T. Olsson, M.S. Hedenqvist, Flexible strength-improved and crack-resistant biocomposites based on plasticised wheat gluten reinforced with a flax-fibre-weave, Composites: Part A 94, (2017), 61–69

Symposium Participation

C. Sainlaud, M. C. Bohin, J.M. Saiter, G. Coquerel, "Textural properties of an oil-based food matrix – the role of ingredients and their interactions" 4th Kathmandu Symposia on Advanced Materials-2018, Oct. 26-29, 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal

Scientific Skills
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Implementation
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Interpretation
XRay Powder diffraction - user
Microscopy (optical, electronic)
Crystallography (structural description)
Spectroscopy (Raman, Infra-rouge, UV-vis, fluorescence)