Mrs. Manon Schindler
PhD Student

24 y.o.

02 35 52 24 32

Laboratoire SMS
Place Emile Blondel
76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan CEDEX


PhD Thesis

Continuous process for deracemization, Pr. Gérard Coquerel, Region grant, (previsional date of defense : October 2019)

  • Master MANE (Matérieux Nanosciences et Energie), University of Rouen-Normandy, France
  • Bachelor of Chemistry, University of Rouen-Normandy, France
Work Experience

Researcher (SMS laboratory, 2 months, 2015)

Symposium Participation
  • Cristech, Autrans (France), October 2016 : (Poster) Influence of water on the behaviour of the 1,3-dimethylurea studied by construction of the binary phase diagram, M. Schindler, G. Baaklini, M. Sanselme, N. Couvrat, G. Gbabode, P. Negrier, D. Mondieig, C. Brandel, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel.
  • JNOEJC, Lille (France), June 2016 : (Poster) Study of the behaviour of the 1,3-dimethylurea in presence of water : Construction of the binary system, M. Schindler, G. Baaklini, Y. Cartigny, N. Couvrat, M. Sanselme, G. Coquerel.
  • JEEP, Paris (France), March 2016 : (Poster) Depression of the polymorphic transition temperature of 1,3-Dimethylurea (DMU) by insertion of hundreds of ppm of water in the crystal lattices and crystal growth of DMU-1H2O, G. Baaklini, L. Yuan, M. Schindler, M. Sanselme, N. Couvrat, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel.
Scientific Skills
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Implementation
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Interpretation
XRay Powder diffraction - user
Heterogeneous Equilibria
Solution Crystallization (polymorphism control, crystal engineering, salt, co-crystals)
Specific Crystallization Processes (Viedma Ripenning, Melt Crystallization, Sublimation, Preferential Enrichment…)
Gel Crystallization