Mr.François-Xavier GENDRON
Post Doc

26 y.o.

02 35 14 63 50

Laboratoire SMS
Place Emile Blondel
76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan CEDEX


PhD Thesis

Contribution to Chiral Discrimination in the Solid State & Access to Pure Enantiomer via Crystallization , supervised by Pr. Gérard Coquerel, founded by French ministry of research, Started on 01/10/2015, defended 28/06/2018.


Master MaNE (2015), University of Rouen, Normandie University.

License in chemistry (2013), University of Rouen, Normandie University.

Work Experience

2013/2014 (13 months): Trainee and laboratory technician at the SMS laboratory.

2015 (5 months): Master trainee at the SMS laboratory.

2015/2018: PhD in Chemistry at the University of Rouen, Laboratoire Sciences et Méthodes Séparatives (SMS), EA3233.

Symposium Participation

JACC 2018, Noirmoutier, September 2018

25th BIWIC, Rouen, September 2018

24th BIWIC, Dortmund, August 2017

43rd JEEP, Barcelona, March 2017

Chiraskool, Carry le Rouet, September 2016

Cristal 8, Rouen, May 2016

JACC 2015, Lyon, October 2015

Scientific Skills
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Implementation
Thermal Analysis (DSC – TG-DSC) – Interpretation
XRay Powder diffraction - user
Phase Diagram - Experimental Determination
Heterogeneous Equilibria
Microscopy (optical, electronic)
Chiral Resolution by Crystallization
Crystallography (structural description)
Solution Crystallization (polymorphism control, crystal engineering, salt, co-crystals)
Specific Crystallization Processes (Viedma Ripenning, Melt Crystallization, Sublimation, Preferential Enrichment…)
Development of quantification methods
Spectroscopy (Raman, Infra-rouge, UV-vis, fluorescence)
Discontinuous Isoperibolic thermal analysis
Solid-state characterization (polymorphism, solvates, cocrystals, solid-solid transition)